About EHVI

EHVI (Eritrean Hearing & Visually Impaired) is a non-profit organization created in January 13, 2015. EHVI is a collaborative organization of Eritreans from USA, Canada, and Europe….

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Eritrean Hearing & Visually Impaired

P.O. Box 643
Powder Springs, GA  30127

Our Mission

EHVI aspires to promote a keen awareness about Hearing & Visually impairment challenges in the Eritrean communities across the globe. EHVI also aspires to harness Eritrean professional capabilities in all fields to come together and do their part.

Make A Difference

EHVI entirely relies on the generosity of people like you, our members and supporters. Take a few minutes and make a donation to support our work! Invest in the next generation Hearing and Visually Impaired youth by helping us bring more awareness and opportunities, trainings and information to Eritrean Diaspora!

Discover A World of Possibilities

Read The Declaration of Rights of Deaf-Blind Persons.